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This Means Warp Beta Opening On July 2nd - Apply Today!

The exclusive pre-release beta playtest for This Means Warp will be running from 2nd to 11th of July 2021. For your chance to participate, apply today at

Play the game for free and help shape development - we want to hear from you! The beta is a unique opportunity to play This Means Warp before it's released and share ideas, feedback, and suggestions directly with the developers.

Based on your feedback we've added a host of new content and features since the alpha playtest, including:

  • Full online multiplayer support

  • New narrative and dialogue system

  • New guns and ship sub-systems to change your playstyle every run

  • New upgrade system to customize every system on your ship

  • New characters to play as, recruit, or meet along your journey

  • New music soundtrack with 15+ unique tracks

  • New tutorial and narrative intro

Questions? Head over to the FAQ page, or chat to us directly on Discord:



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