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About Outlier

Based in Dublin, Ireland, and Belfast, Northern Ireland, Outlier is an independent video game development studio focused on innovative strategy games.

Design Pillars


Insight-led decisions based on data analysis


Challenging and thought-provoking gameplay that engages players over many hours


Utilising procedural generation and player creation to form endlessly replayable experiences


Integrating player feedback throughout the development cycle

Leadership Team


Paul Froggatt

  • LinkedIn

Paul is the team's Technical Director. Prior to Outlier, he had a 10 year career at Google and also created, ran, and sold a multi award-winning restaurant business.


Since moving in to game development he released mobile puzzler 'Zombles' on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and was lead programmer on This Means Warp which released on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.


Matt Rathbun

  • LinkedIn

Matt leads game design for Outlier. He is an experienced game developer, having worked at Biba Ventures  releasing games like Biba Zombots, Biba Dino-Dig, Biba Drive, and many others.


Matt subsequently created gaming tutorial platform Beyond Technical, and was also the VP of Operations at Canada's largest gaming platform provider.

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Sammy Khalid

  • LinkedIn

Sammy is the studio's Art Director. With previous experience in Meta, BBC, Disney, Marvel Studios, and more, Sammy brings a wealth of knowledge to Outlier's art production pipeline.

In addition to his artistic contributions across movies and games, Sammy has educated thousands of students on the art fundamentals through his popular online courses.


April 2018

June 2019

September 2020

December 2020

June 2021

February 2022

March 2022

January 2023

May 2023

November 2023

Outlier is founded and This Means Warp begins production

First playable build of This Means Warp for closed testing

First public playtest of This Means Warp, with thousands of players applying to help shape development

Outlier partners with Enterprise Ireland via the Competitive Start Fund

This Means Warp beta testing begins

Outlier partners with Jagex, creators of the $1bn+ RuneScape franchise, to publish This Means Warp

This Means Warp is launched on Steam Early Access!

Production begins on Outlier's second title, a strategy/simulation game set in the world of a cult-classic IP

This Means Warp v1.0 is launched on Steam!

This Means Warp launches across Xbox One / S|X, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch

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