This Means Warp Press Kit


Genre: Online co-op, Roguelite, Action Roguelike

Players: 1-4 (singleplayer, local co-op, online co-op)

Developer: Outlier

Based in Dublin, Ireland and Toronto, Canada

Release date: Early 2022 (PC)

Console release date TBD.

Platforms: PC - Steam

Nintendo Switch (TBC)

Microsoft Xbox (TBC)

Sony PlayStation (TBC)

Languages: English

Other major languages (TBC)

Steam: Store page


Price: TBD


This Means Warp is an online co-op spaceship management roguelite game. Explore a procedurally generated universe in real-time, upgrade your ship, battle increasingly dangerous enemies, and adapt your strategies in a constantly changing and challenging fight for survival. Steam page.


Outlier was founded in 2018, with creators Paul Froggatt and Matt Rathbun lamenting the lack of challenging and strategic co-op gaming experiences.


Development on This Means Warp began shortly thereafter, with the game combining the high-risk strategy of turn-based roguelites with the adrenaline and pace of real-time co-op games.

An early build of the game was revealed in mid-2020, with thousands of players applying to participate in the first alpha playtest in September 2020. This Means Warp continues to grow, with a beta playtest in July 2021 and targeted release in early 2022.

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  • 1-4 players with singleplayer, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer

  • Procedurally generated maps, enemies, encounters and items to make every run unique

  • Real-time action - you'll have to think on your feet to survive

  • Challenging, high-stakes combat - target individual sub-systems to disrupt and disable enemies

  • Wide selection of ship systems, items, and upgrades to customize your ship and develop your playstyle

  • Dynamic story that reacts to your choices and changes every time you play

  • Diverse cast of characters to meet and recruit


(Download 84mb .zip with video here)


(Left click an image to open in a new tab and download, or download 4.5mb .zip with all images here)

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(Left click an image to open in a new tab and download, or download 4.5mb .zip with all images here)

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Awards & Recognition


PAX West 2021 - 'PAX 10' - Official Selection

UK Game Of The Show 2021 - Finalist

GameSlice 2021 - Industry Choice Award - Finalist

PocketGamer Big Indie Pitch 2020 - PC/Console Edition - Winner

Imirt Game Awards 2020 - Best Upcoming Game - Finalist

DevGamm Public Pitch 2020 - Finalist

This Means Warp Credits


Design: Paul Froggatt & Matt Rathbun

Programming and writing: Paul Froggatt

3D art and animation: Matt Rathbun

2D illustrations: Adrien Martinez

Music: Haakon Davidsen






Discord: Link


Steam: Store page

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