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Frequently Asked Questions

What is This Means Warp?

This Means Warp is a space-faring roguelike adventure. One to four players work together to run a spaceship as you traverse a procedurally generated map in real-time, engaging in both combat and non-combat encounters. Facing increasingly dangerous enemies, upgrade your ship and purchase new sub-systems as you progress. The stakes are high - if your ship is destroyed, it’s game over. You can find more details and wishlist the game on the official Steam page.

What platforms will This Means Warp release on?

Currently This Means Warp is planned to release on Steam, followed by other storefronts and consoles. As the game is still in development this may change - we'll keep you posted closer to launch!

When will This Means Warp be released?

This Means Warp is still in development, aiming for (PC) release in early 2022. If you'd like to play before the game is released, you can participate in one of the pre-release beta playtests and provide feedback for development. Visit the Beta page to register.

Can I play This Means Warp singleplayer?

Yes! This Means Warp has been designed for singleplayer as much as multiplayer. In This Means Warp you always control one character - in singleplayer mode you can pilot your ship alone, or you can recruit AI crewmates as you progress. AI crewmates can also be instructed to prioritize certain taks in real-time as you play, so you can get your crew running like a well oiled machine!

Can I play This Means Warp with friends?

Yes! This Means Warp can be played singleplayer, local multiplayer, or online multiplayer. In online multiplayer you can create a private game for you and your friends, or you can make new friends by browsing and joining other people's games.

Can I play This Means Warp before it's released?

Yes! We periodically run playtesting sessions to gather player feedback as we develop the game. Check out the Beta page for more details.

How much will This Means Warp cost?

We still haven't finalized the price of This Means Warp, but will update the Steam page once it's ready for purchase. In the meantime, the pre-release playtests are free so if you'd like to help shape the game before it comes out head over to the Beta page for more details.

Who is developing This Means Warp?

This Means Warp is developed by Outlier, an independent studio based across Ireland and Canada. Check out the About page for more details.

How can I stay updated on This Means Warp?

To be notified when This Means Warp is released, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam. You can also join our Discord to chat to the developers directly. Finally, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive emails for major announcements (e.g. opportunities to play before release).

How can I contact the developers?

Drop us a message via our Contact Us page, or you can chat to us directly on our Discord server.

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